Nokia 9 6GB RAM Variant After 4GB and 8GB RAM Seen on GeekBench

The upcoming Nokia 9 6GB RAM variant has been seen on the GeekBench listing. This comes after the same device was seen with two different variants, namely with 4GB RAM and 8GB RAM.

Nokia 9 6GB RAM Variant

Nokia 9 6GB RAM variant

The Nokia 9 6GB RAM variant is in the talks after 4GB and 8GB RAM variants were talked of a few days ago. With such powerful RAM stuffed inside the smartphones, there’s no doubt that Nokia is looking to prove a point to its competitors.

As far as Nokia 9 is concerned, it was seen on GeekBench around a couple of weeks back. And after that, the Nokia 9 6GB RAM variant has peeped up its head on the same site, however, with a different RAM power. This means after the 4GB and 8GB RAM variants, the 6GB RAM variant makes this the third variant of the Nokia 9.

Nokia 9 with 6GB RAM Variant GeekBench

With so many powerful variants, it’s but natural that Nokia is trying to take on the smartphone market after its late entry. And as you may remember, the classic Nokia 3310 is back in a new 2017 avatar. The looks do take us down the memory to make a nostalgic about the black and white legendary Nokia phone.

Coming back to the Nokia 9 6GB RAM variant, as you can see in the specs sheet above, the smartphone will run on Android Nougat 7.1.1 and Qualcomm’s octa-core processor. Having talked about the RAM, you might be curious to know about the memory options too. What we know as of now that, the native storage will be 64GB. We aren’t sure if there are any memory storage options available too.

As far as the display is concerned, the new Nokia 9 will have a 5.5-inch display with QHD having 1440p pixel resolution. Finally, the Nokia 9’s light will be kept on by a powerful 3990mAh battery.


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