NSA is keeping a watch on emails in India

According to a report published in a United Kingdom newspaper, the National Security Agency (NSA) is keeping a watch on emails in India. The report claims that India is actually one of the top five such countries that are being monitored most closely.

The National Security Agency is a US administration agency that has the job of foreign surveillance. The newspaper also added that in March 2013, the NSA had recorded as many as 6.3 billion pieces of intelligence across India from the computer networks.

The list was topped by Iran with 14 billion of such intelligence pieces. India’s neighboring country Pakistan was second on the list with 13.5 billion pieces. Jordan and Egypt completed the list of the top five countries with records of12.7 billion and 7.6 billion respectively.

The agency is said to have collected an overall aggregate worldwide and it amounts to about 97 billion pieces. The NSA is reportedly making use of a powerful tool that is has developed for recording such data. The tool also helps in analyzing the collected data.

The NSA  uses Boundless Informant, which is a data mining tool. This helps map the information country wise and with great precision. There were also reports about NSA using the PRISM for accessing data from some major US companies.

However, some of the companies have come forward and denied being involved in PRISM or any kind of program that gives information to the US administration.

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