One Touch Away: Delhi Police Launches Android App

“Delhi Police… One Touch Away” is the new blood that’s racing in the vines of Delhi Police. It’s an Android app that’s targeted at helping people and ward off the inconvenience they face.

One Touch Away

Delhi Police… One Touch Away will also assist the people in if they find any dissatisfaction in the functioning of the police department. On Friday, the Delhi Police chief BS Bassi launched the Android application.

As a matter of fact, the app was on the waiting list for a while now. However, it must be mentioned that the version released is a trial version of the app. One Touch Away will play a part in doing away with the dissatisfaction with the way police department functions (in the eyes of the public).

The Police Chief Says…

BS Bassi, when speaking about the app said that they are trying to identify issues that are inconvenient for the public as well as the dissatisfaction with the way the department functions.

One Touch Away will also assist the general public in how to reach out to police or police stations in various kinds of difficulties or situations. This will certainly be a big help to everyone.


What’s Included in This App?

One Touch Away includes things like traffic alerts, info about police advisories as well as safety tips, which is a very important factor. Apart from that there will also be much-needed information about missing people, which will be easy to track them.

What’s equally important information in the app is about wanted criminals as well as terrorists. This will not only alert the common man about these goons, but also help the police in arresting them by forwarding any information if possible.

The app will act like a bridge where users will be able to access the services that are provided by the Delhi Police.

What’s More in the App…

One Touch Away is indeed just a touch away when it comes to communicating with the concerned authorities. Actually, the app will have the contact details, designation as well as photographs of the officers, who have to deal with the public.

Speaking about the app, one of the senior police officers said that there was a concept of creating a single platform that would be convenient to the people. And that’s how Delhi Police… One Touch Away came into being.


There’s no doubt that technology these days has become a part and parcel of human life. Technology has certainly made life a lot easier, which wasn’t probably the case 10 years ago. We have many apps for various purposes on various web stores online. However, the need of the hour is to have something like “One Touch Away” that will indeed help the common man almost anywhere anytime.

We hope to see many more such services being introduced by various state police departments as well. If there can be apps for games and entertainment, why not for such a social cause that addresses today’s security concerns.

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