OnePlus 5 mobile score by DxOMark will be revealed soon

OnePlus has published on its official Facebook page that DxOMark will reveal OnePlus 5 mobile score very soon. Let’s see what score it can fetch!

OnePlus 5 mobile score

OnePlus 5 mobile score
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OnePlus 5 has been in news even before its launch. And, for this, all credit goes to its dual rear camera setup. For taking some nice pictures, OnePlus had chosen its 16MP Sony IMX398 accompanied with f/1.7 aperture. Also, a telephoto camera of 20MP Sony IMX350 along with f/2.6 aperture was there to offer 1.6x optical zooming effects. In order to work on its camera, OnePlus had also tied up with DxO Labs. And now, DxOMark’s OnePlus 5 mobile score will be revealed soon. Earlier, we had created a post comparing the camera features of both iPhone 7 Plus and OnePlus 5. We hope that it would have made it clearer for you to choose between these two.

The main idea behind this revelation is to reveal how tremendously both OnePlus and DxO Labs have worked with each other. As per the techies’ reviews and existing users of OnePlus 5, the company has not brought many changes or improvements in its camera features as compared to its preceding model. Even during India-Pak final match, the company had aired its first OnePlus 5 commercial on TV featuring Amitabh Bachchan. However, in spite of its aggressive marketing efforts, this latest gadget may fail to set its own mark in the market full of premium devices.

DxOMark will display OnePlus 5 mobile score in order to show how reliable it is, when it comes to analyzing camera qualities of smartphones. OnePlus is a sheer disappointment for many, and if DxOMark gives this smartphone a higher score, it will make it clear that its rating is not fair. So, considering the reliable judgement of DxOMark and OnePlus 5’s unimpressive features, we think that it will bear a lower score.


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