The OnePlus 5 Teaser Showcases the Horizontal Dual Rear Cameras

The OnePlus 5 teaser image, being launched on Weibo, has grabbed the attention of viewers. The picture, shared by Slasleaks, features the rear camera design of OnePlus 5.

OnePlus 5 teaser

OnePlus 5 teaser
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As per the leaked images of OnePlus 5 previously, dual rear cameras were placed in a vertical position in center. But in the fresh OnePlus 5 teaser, one can find dual rear cameras placed horizontally. This approach of the company can prove to be an ace as the similar concept of horizontal dual rear cameras was followed by iPhone 7 Plus before. Last month, it was reported that OnePlus 5 will be launched without any headphone jack. Now, this is certainly an additional yet unconventional approach followed by the company.

Location of dual rear cameras

One can locate these dual rear cameras right on the left corner beneath the antenna lines. The camera sensors in OnePlus 5 and its flashlight are placed adjacent to each other. The logo of this smartphone is placed right in the center. According to the rumors, OnePlus 5 can have a monochrome sensor as the dual sensor on the rear side. But still, we’ll have to wait and watch to see what sort of sensor OnePlus 5 is actually going to use.

Display and Battery

The company will stick to its usual 5.5 inches display, but they will modify its screen resolution with Quad HD. It will sport 8GB RAM powered by the exclusive Octa-core Snapdragon 835 SoC of Qualcomm. If we believe the rumors, it will have 3300 mAH battery for enabling the lights of gadget on. The CEO says that OnePlus 5 will tend to be the sleekest and thinnest smartphone in the entire gadget market.

The rumor market about this gadget is heating up, but the company has not confirmed anything yet from its side. OnePlus 5 teaser for horizontal dual cameras has certainly increased our expectations for this amazing gadget. And whenever there comes any latest update, we’ll ensure to inform you.


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