OnePlus Crackables Challenge: Crack Codes and Win $30,000 Prize

If you can crack the codes, you have a cool chance of winning OnePlus Crackables Challenge. This will give the winner $30,000. So, what are you waiting for?

OnePlus Crackables Challenge

OnePlus Crackables Challenge

We had stumbled upon the OnePlus Crackables Challenge a few days back, six days back to be specific. OnePlus had announced that it was in partnership with Google, giving you a chance to win $30,000. And in partnership, they would offer a new contest, Crackables. Things were pretty much vague a week back. There were a few brainy and riddle games that we had covered that would pose a challenge to you.

But OnePlus had made sure there were no leaks regarding their new game. The only thing we knew that the new OP challenge would be something related to cracking a code. And that the contest would start today – September 18.

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The air is now clear. And as promised here we have the OnePlus Crackables Challenge. Today is the day when the challenge will kick off. The scheduled time for starting the game is 8 am EST. For Indian players, it’d be 05:30 pm.

OnePlus Crackables Challenge

What’s Crackables About

The OnePlus Crackables Challenge is actually a puzzle game. And as expected you are expected to solve them logically and move ahead. Obviously, the first games will be easier. And as you progress, they’ll get a bit difficult to pass through. They have divided the game into two levels. And if you need to play the next level, you should be one of those 1000 players, who are allowed to move forward.

If you happen to be one of those 1000 players in the second level, you will get a microcontroller. This is what you’ll need in this phase. The top prize is quite a fascinating one with a gaming setup. And don’t forget, it’ll be a cool $30,000.

This translates to the fact that you will be getting all the high-end games obviously with supporting hardware and software. If you don’t happen to win, don’t worry. You will get prizes even if you are a second runner-up or a runner-up.

Visit the Crackables page to start your adventure. And yes, it’s only a mobile game.


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