OnePlus Journey to OnePlus 6 Informative Infographic

OnePlus is a startup that doesn’t have a long history of phones like Nokia or Motorola but has surely left a mark on their fans. Fans who have an iPhone-like craze before every new OnePlus launches.

OnePlus Journey Infographic

Turning the calendar to April 2014 we witness an unusual product, the OnePlus One. Genesis. A phone that brought a rare blend of flagship specifications, low price and a bloatware free Cyanogen OS, all for $300 dollars. All this at a time when $300 phones had a ton of bloatware, plastic bodies, and poor performance. The OnePlus quickly became a disruptor, a challenger to the Flagship brands, and was labeled the Flagship Killer.

But there were little niggles along the way. OnePlus did not possess the manufacturing capacity of Samsung or Apple and had to use an invite-only sales model which did not go down well with many people. Then there was the whole Cyanogen-Yu exclusive rights fiasco. Slowly OnePlus drifted from Cyanogen and developed their own Oxygen OS which has since been the operating system of choice for OnePlus.

OnePlus’ roller coaster journey of ups and downs is beautifully illustrated by in the infographic below. Let us know what you feel about OnePlus’ journey and which one of their phones you liked the most and your thoughts on their latest “notched” OnePlus 6?

After the announcement of OnePlus 6 with 8GB of RAM, the OnePlus journey up to OnePlus was kind of temporarily finished. Apart from what we have talked about the new OnePlus 6, there are reasons to buy the OnePlus 6 that you shouldn’t miss.

OnePlus Journey

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  1. Though I am pretty satisfied with my current Samsung smartphone, but if I have any plans for new handset I will change it only for Corning’s Gorilla Glass feature since it is almost unbreakable.


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