Oppo Find X Roundup: What Oppo Has Revealed So Far

The Oppo Find X is slated for June-19 launch. It’ll be the company’s first flagship in four years. It’s been making the news for a while. And here’s the Oppo Find X roundup. What we know so far.

Oppo Find X Roundup

Oppo Find X Roundup

So far, we have seen the launch of a number of flagship smartphones in 2018. The Samsung Galaxy S9 [Wallpapers], and the Galaxy S9 Plus were a couple of them. We compared the Galaxy S9 with the LG V30 and Galaxy S9 Plus with the Huawei P20 Pro camera.

The OnePlus 6 was another flagship that hogged the limelight with leaks and finally was announced with 8GB of RAM. It was an interesting device that was tagged as the costliest device from the brand so far. But that didn’t deter the hopes of the fans from buying the OP6. It recorded staggering sales of Rs. 100 crores in 10 minutes only.

First Flagship in Four Years

Oppo Find X Roundup

For those who might not be aware, let’s take the opportunity of the Oppo Find X roundup to mention that Oppo had last launched a flagship in 2014. The company’s last flagship was the Find 7. The Find series was almost down and out since 2014. However, the Find 9 was in the news recently. That phone, however, never saw the light of the day. But with the advent of Find 7, there’s no doubt that the Find lineup is going to come back to life.

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However, when we compiled the list to talk about the top 10 upcoming smartphones of 2018, little did we know that there would be one new entrant. And it’s called the Oppo Find X. Yup, Oppo is making a comeback in the flagship segment after a lull of 4 years.

Oppo Find X Display

More than the iPhone X notch, it’s the Android smartphones that have adopted the notched display even more. Though, there were a couple of ways to hide the iPhone X notch, the Android community is in full flow when it comes to a notched display. There were actually quite a few Android smartphones having a notched display. Even Google is bringing a dedicated notch feature in Android P.

The above leaked image from Slash Leaks, reveals both the front and the back of the phone. The images suggest a 19:9 aspect ratio as well as a display notch.

Oppo Find X Design

One more thing that will catch your attention is the bezels. The side bezels, to be particular. They are virtually missing from the handset. As far as the rear side is concerned, the camera placement is visible. And the image shows a vertically placed two cameras and one more below that. Yes, it makes it three cameras in the Oppo Find X. Below the cameras is an LED flash. So, where’s the fingerprint scanner then?

If the leaked image in the Oppo Find X roundup is anything to go by, there will be an under-display fingerprint scanner. And a patent regarding the same is also there with Oppo now. So in all probabilities, the Oppo Find X will come with an under-display fingerprint scanner.

Oppo Find X Possible Features


The new Oppo Find X will likely run on Snapdragon 845 64-bit octa-core processor. On the other hand, the Find 7 had the Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, with Adreno 330 graphics. The dual-rear cameras will be seen in the Find X. And this is one feature, which we shouldn’t be surprised to see. As expected, the Find 7 didn’t have any dual-rear camera 4 years back.

With a bezel-less display, the Find X is easily going to beat the last flagship Oppo had launched. The upcoming flagship will also have ColorOS skin as well.

Flash Charge and Lossless Zoom

The new Oppo Find X is going to come with more exciting features. Battery charging, as we know, is always one form of a handset that always is in the talks. Fast charge, quick charge, Dash charge, whatever may you call it by, the thing is we all want batteries to be charged quick and fast and last longer. The Oppo Find X has a flash charge feature, that will allow the battery to charge in 15 minutes.

Lossless zoom is one more feature  Oppo had demonstrated the 5X optical zoom tech at the MWC 2017. For the uninitiated ones, the zoom tech is meant to be used for dual cameras only. Oppo uses the periscope principal for achieving this effect. The challenge here was to keep the image quality intact. And Oppo achieved this with the help of the prism for reflecting the lights at the right angle.

Oppo released this teaser to showcase one of the many features of the Oppo Find X. A man is seen with a telescope in his hand looking upward in the sky.

The caption on it reads:

Galileo looked at the sky, and the vast universe was unlocked!

Oppo will launch the Find X on June 19. And this will be Oppo’s first flagship on Snapdragon 845. No doubt, there is excitement surrounding the launch and how things shape up for Oppo in the days to come.  Things have changed a lot since Oppo’s last flagship launch and this one.

What are your views on the Oppo Find X roundup? Don’t forget to share in the comments section below.

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