Pixel 4K Footage is an Evidence of Splendid Camera Sensor

Google is boasting the camera of its recently released Pixel devices and here is the remarkable Pixel 4K footage. The video footage has been captured using a Pixel camera entirely proving it best from the rivals.

Pixel 4K Footage


Google unveiled the Pixel phones earlier this month. The American giant was touting heavily about the camera and the device’s feature. Amongst all the laudatory reviews, the highlighted feature has been the camera with a 12-megapixel sensor. Pixel’s camera picture quality is something beyond uttering words. And the Pixel 4K footage would prove this better.

The newly launched device lacks the optical image stabilization, but Google has included the EIS in the Pixel brothers. To consider it more precisely, we are not just talking about the pictures or still images that Google Pixel’s rear lens can capture. But we are also underlining that Google has worked intensely for the camera to capture amazing video. Whether, it’s a 4K or any other resolution.

A watch over the recent Pixel 4K footage would make the statement more accurate. Actually, the popular filmmaker Matteo Bertoli has taken a 4K video for his latest project using a Pixel device.

Bertoli speaks about his experience with Google Pixel,

“I bought my Google Pixel on Thursday and I decided to test the camera in the weekend. I went to Park City and Salt Lake City downtown. I was very impressed with the new Google phone. Dynamic range is good, plenty of details. The software IS is not bad at all considering is not optical. Overall the phone did very well.”

Matteo has used the device for a few days and later he planned to shoot a little video with this amazing Pixel camera. We are really stunned by this awesomely captured Pixel 4K footage that was shot entirely by using the device.

The Pixel footage has been captured and edited beautifully. The message that is being exhibited in this footage speaks about the advancement of mobile photography that has grown by the time.

Here is the video for your reference. Do take a look and let us know about your reaction using the comments box below.


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