Pixel XL vs Galaxy Note 8: Here’s Everything So You Choose The Best

The Pixel XL vs Galaxy Note 8 battle is quite understandable when you look at these two phones in the same domain. What’s your choice? Take your pick.

Pixel XL vs Galaxy Note 8

Google-Pixel-XL, Pixel XL vs Galaxy Note 8

It’s not only about the Pixel XL vs Galaxy Note 8 battle, but the Pixel vs Pixel XL battle was also worth the thought. As the Galaxy Note 8 was made official a few days back, we started to see a lot of comparisons, something with the like of the LG V30 too, to know what the difference is.

Even as there are many stupendous smartphones available in the market, we want to grab the best among them. For that we need the comparison and also seek for reviews of Pixel XL or Galaxy Note 8 like famous smartphones. We cannot regret how astounding Pixel XL and Galaxy Note 8 are. Also, they are listed in top 10 smartphones to buy this year, ranking the top. Seeking good comparisons of Pixel XL vs Galaxy Note 8 to choose the best?

Google Pixel white

Everyone wants to have Pixel XL or Galaxy Note 8 but got confusing when it comes to deciding from Pixel XL vs Galaxy Note 8 because both are astonishing and come with eminent features to deal with. Here you gonna find most of the things for Pixel XL vs Galaxy Note 8 which gonna definitely help you to make a smart move.

Pixel XL: Phone by Google

Let’s starts with stupendous features with which Pixel XL comes. This utility will let you work effortlessly. Price starting from ₹ 49,000 with.features that make Pixel XL – Phone by Google the amazing is, like it, is available in two sizes 5.0” or 5.5” to make every interaction, every moment, every touch facile. The phone comes with Google assistant to help you out, you just need to say OK Google and it will do things for you.

The best feature of ultimate Pixel XL is it comes with unlimited online storage for your videos and photos. The camera of Pixel XL, that embraced EIS instead of OIS, is the highest rated and the best camera ever in the entire world.Marvellous design can be found with Pixel XL, also you can experience quick charge as it doesn’t have unwanted apps like other smartphones.

Eminent Features of Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Launch

Galaxy Note 8 price is yet to reveal but the expecting price is ₹ 64,999. The first smartphone in the world to feature infinity display that displays the things bigger than life. Another unique feature we get in comparison of Pixel XL vs Galaxy Note 8 is the S Pen, which we are not going to get with Pixel XL. It let you express the creative ideas in the best way. But the accessories that you get with the Galaxy Note 8 does make up for some vacuum for sure.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Launch

Through S Pen you can send the message as hand written also allow you to draw emoji of your choice. Overall it’s a smartly designed smartphone with an awesome camera. Hope now you know all the main features in Pixel XL vs Galaxy Note 8 comparison and you take

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