Point and Buy: Amazon’s new app Flow, makes buying easier with iPhone

Amazon has come up with a new app, Flow that will allow you to buy things by just pointing your iPhone at that thing. There is no doubt that Amazon is making things easier for the customers to purchase articles online and this is just another addition to the same.

So, the next time you are interested in buying any particular thing and you do have your iPhone with you, just point your device towards that object. Amazon has come up with a brand new feature that will make shopping even more interesting and easier.

The new app has been launched via the mobile shopping apps. This allows you to scan the items you are interested in buying from the comfort of your home itself. So, you do not need to travel all the way from your house to the store. The order can be placed online by pointing the camera of your Smartphone.

The new feature is present in the company’s shopping app for iOS. As of now, the feature is available only on the iPhone. And it is uncertain and Amazon hasn’t yet made it clear whether they will be introducing the feature on other Smartphones or Kindle Fire.

As a matter of fact, one may feel like because a camera is used, the device would take photos to process the orders. But the fact of the matter is something different. It neither takes a photo nor scans the barcode. What happens is that Flow makes sense of the item with the help of the color, the shape, the size and the overall appearance of the item.

Just hold the phone in front of any items. Even if there are more items or even a queue, Flow will also make a queue of the selected articles, which can then be added in the Amazon cart.

So how do you know that the app is working or your order is being processed? Well, you will see miniature blue stars that will keep sparkling all the time. This will indicate things are working and everything’s well and fine.

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