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We are indeed very careful about our visitor’s privacy. And that’s why you can surf through our blog anonymously.
So, What Information Do We Collect?
We ask you for information only when you subscribe to our blog, contact us or comment on a post. You may be asked for your name, email, and message. Apart from this, there’s no information we ask. Rest assured, we do never share this information with anyone else.
We use Google Analytics Services to get details about traffic to our blog. We get all information like the number of page views, number of visitors, number of returning visitors, and new visitors along with traffic sources through this service.
We use this information, just for the improvement of this blog and there’s no compromise on this.
Our blog also uses third-party widgets and/or plugins. that are active on this blog like social widgets may use cookies as per their requirement.
Ads on Our Blog
We use Google Adsense and/or other services to serve ads on this blog, which may use cookies for this purpose. We do not have any control over the policies of the companies whose widgets, plugins and/or analytics are used along with serving ads.
We may update our privacy policy anytime without any prior notice. You may wish to check back this page whenever you like.
Commenting Policy
We do not encourage keeping links or promotional matter in your comments, though we reserve the right to do so as a subjective case. Before publishing the comment we might remove any links or promotional stuff. If you aren’t okay with this, mail us and we will remove the entire comment.
Last Updated: 28 July 2018
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