Real-time collaboration for MS Office Web Apps plus other new features

The US-based software giant Microsoft has publicized that the well-admired Office Web Apps that include the online version of MS Office package of Word, PowerPoint and Excel will be getting real-time collaboration.

In simple words it means the feature will permit more than one users to work on the files at the same time. This feature resembles online office suite from Google or Google Docs.Microsoft-logo

The real-time existence of people working on the same file can help avoid clashes so that there aren’t any conflicts when a certain document is being edited. In addition to that, authors can view the changes to the text matter or even in the formatting as and when they take place.

This makes it easier for (all) the co-authors to remain on the same page and it is easier to share ideas and evolve the thinking process. Like Google Docs there are also different-colored cursors for the users who work on the same document. The edits can also be seen in real-time.

The desktop version of the Office 365 apps also allows collaborative co-authoring. The changes will synchronize with the material stored in cloud when the document is saved. In case any user goes offline, the work can still be continued in the same fashion. However, for the changes to sync, he/she will need to go online once again.

Microsoft has also updated the Word Web App. The update will give the users even more controls for formatting. Microsoft has also tuned up the search and replace option of finding phrases and words. Users will also be able to apply styles as well as formatting to the tables apart from inserting headers and footers.

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