Renault Duster Sold In India Fails The Global NCAP Crash Test With ‘Zero Rating’

The results for Renault crash test conducted by global NCAP have shocked the Indian car users who feel that they have a lower end version of the vehicle than their global counterparts.

Renault Crash Test

Renault crash test
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One of the top French Car Makers, Renault’s fast-selling SUV in India, Duster failed the UK-based vehicle safety group Global NCAP’s crash test with ‘zero rating.’ The base variant of the Renault Duster SUV in India went through the Global NCAP’s crash test with adult occupants and children in various sessions, and it failed miserably.

Renault Duster Fails The NCAP Crash Test In India

In NCAP’s latest reports, the vehicle was rated with ‘zero stars’ for adult occupant protection standards. Also, it was rated just ‘two-stars’ for child-occupant protection on the rear seating. According to the report, the Renault Duster SUV in India comes with a comparatively smaller airbag than the same car model vehicle sold in the other parts of the world.

Renault Duster Crash Test Reveals Airbag is Too Small And Unsafe

The airbag that expands at the time of a crash is expected to protect the driver’s head from hitting the steering wheel. This is possible only when the airbag is big enough for the driver’s head to fall in its centre. However, the Renault Duster sold in India comes with a smaller airbag, so the driver’s head will hit the sides of the bag, which will not be enough to protect the hit from the steering wheel.

The Second Car To Get ‘Zero Stars’ In UN Safety Week

According to David Ward, the Secretary General of the Global NCAP, Renault Duster is the second car on the list to get a zero rating for the crash test in India during the UN Safety week. However, reports reveal that Renault India has expressed that all the vehicles that the company manufactures exceed the standards provided by the Indian Vehicle Safety Authority.

Indian Safety Standards Have To Be In Par With International Standards

This clearly shows that the Indian Standards are not at par with the global safety standards. Renault India also expressed that India is moving slowly towards implementation of International standards and that it is a positive sign. David Wad, on the other hand, expressed that the carmaker has to work on a standard airbag size to ensure safety.


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