Report: Apple likely to launch the iWatch next year

According to a report, the US-based company, Apple may launch their much-anticipated iWatch next year. There could potentially be a lot of truth in the reports as it has come from a couple of Taiwanese electronics firms, which have got the order for assembling Apple’s iWatch.

Apple may launch the iWatch in 2014. “From our channel checks, Inventec is the major assembly source for ‘iWatch’, with about 60% of order allocation,” Wanli Wang was quoted as saying who is the CIMB Securities analyst.

CIMB estimates shipments of nearly 63.4 million units of the Apple device. The average price of the gadget is estimated to be around $199. Moreover, Inventec is likely to earn about 19% of the total earnings for the year 2014.Apple

The Apple Daily newspaper from Taiwan said that Quanta Computer was going to divide the iWatch orders with Inventec as they will be taking 40 percent of the order allocations. However, this information has come from unnamed sources and so can’t be vouched totally.

As a matter of fact, both Inventec and Quanta have decided not to say anything about these developments. There is no doubt that the competition in the “Smartwatch” category is heating up. Samsung, Google, and Microsoft are all racing against time and each other to develop their watch-type device.

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