Nokia Lumia 620 Review: What the Lumia 620 Offers

Here is the Nokia Lumia 620 review and the phone is easily the most attractive Smartphone in its class. The device has a very cute look. The blue border accompanied by the black color looks enchanting. The miniature size of the gadget allows you to handle the Smartphone in an easy way without any hassles.

Nokia Lumia 620 Review

The Smartphone has a great build and to add to it, the placement of the buttons is at the right places so you can hold and operate seamlessly. The keys are placed to the right-hand side of the phone. Keys are elevated at such a height that you can easily feel them with the fingertips. The top button adjusts the volume for you, while the next button is the power button.

With the last one, you can control the camera activation and the shutter release. There is the micro USB port that sits pretty at the bottom. As far as the handsfree socket is concerned, it is also placed in the cover as against being placed inside the body.
Let us now go through the specifications of the Smartphone along with the Nokia Lumia 620 review:


This new smartphone launch in India comes with the 5MP rear camera with LED flash. A VGA camera is placed to the front close to the earpiece.

Battery & Memory

According to the Nokia Lumia 620 review, the phone comes with 1300 mAh battery; however, it could have been a bit more powerful. There is a built-in memory of 8GB. However, the memory can be increased up to 64GB with the help of the microSD card.



The phone is built with 3.8” touchscreen display and has also 480 X 800 resolution. Nokia has used ClearBlack technology that makes it feasible reading in even bright conditions at the outdoors.


The Nokia Lumia 620 review has it that it comes with a 1GHz dual-core processor (Snapdragon S4 chipset) and is accompanied with 512MB of RAM and Adreno 305 GPU. The operating system gives a reasonable performance, just like a high-end model.
But because the RAM is on the lower side, some apps take a considerable amount of time to open and start running.


Due to Dolby’s Headphone Sound Enhancement technology, listening to the tones and music was a great experience. The tones are sharp and the hearing clarity is excellent. However, there are neither presets nor EQ that can switch the Dolby system off.


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