Review and specifications of Moto X

The release of Moto X from Motorola is certainly aimed at reviving the company and bringing it back in the mainstream Smartphone market. However, how easy or difficult it will be for the Google-owned Motorola, only time will tell. Google last year took over Motorola for a price of $12.5 billion.


The display of the Moto X is 4.7 inches and certainly is enough to give a feel of a premium five-inch device generally seen in flagship devices. There is an AMOLED display for the phone that has a pixel resolution of 720 X 1280 pixels. This gives a premium sense to the users.

The wrap around a glass of the phone has an extra layer of glass that is being tagged as the Magic Glass.


One big drawback of the phone is its operating system. It is pretty disappointing that the phone doesn’t carry the latest Android Jelly Bean 4.3. However, it is built with the earlier version of 4.2. Well, this could have been certainly better.Moto X

Processor & RAM:

Motorola never came out bragging about out of the world hardware. It comes with a 1.7 GHz dual-core Krait processor. The phone could have been much better off with a stronger processor as it is a premium device. The phone uses 2GB of RAM, which is pretty satisfactory.


The phone comes with a couple of internal memory options to choose from. One is the 16 GB variant and the other is the 32 GB variant. If you go for the higher memory option, there is no way to increase the memory as this variant does not come with any memory slot.


The phone comes built with two cameras, as is seen in almost all Smartphones these days. The rear camera is of 10 MP capacity, while the rear camera comes in 2 MP. So the rear camera is neither the 8 MP offering that is seen in most Smartphones nor the 12 MP or 13 MP options. The phone can capture images with double flicks of the wrist, which is termed as Quick Capture mode.


There is a good battery backup for the phone. The Moto X comes with a 2200mAh battery. That is good enough to take you through your usage uninterrupted.



The display of the phone comes with a new notification feature. Motorola has tagged it as Active Display. In most Smartphones in the market today, the notification light turns on when there’s a message. However, Motorola has something new for the Moto X. Instead of the notification light, the entire screen lights up for an incoming message.

Touchless Control:

As the term suggests, the Touchless Control allows you to control the phone without having to even touch it. That means it works with voice commands, just like the Siri. Just say “Ok, Google Now”, and the voice command will be activated and the phone gets unlocked.

The phone can also recognize the voice command of its owner. So that’s a pretty good security feature. But what if the owner gets, cold…

All in all, the phone isn’t that bad. Certainly worth owning it apart from a couple of drawbacks around.

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