Roku Launches a New Variant of Streaming Media Player

Roku has introduced a brand new version of streaming media player. The device, also known as Roku’s Streaming Stick bears a resemblance to a computer’s flash drive. The new device will be in direct competition with two other big players in the industry, Apple and Google.

The stick can be plugged at the back or side of an HDMI monitor, which makes it less or not visible at all.

The competition is already hot between Google’s Chromecast and Apple TV and Roku will certainly take a bite out of their market. The Roku Stick comes at a price of just $50. The best part of the device is that it can be plugged into any standard HDMI port. This means it becomes compatible with such devices with HDMI that are already in hundreds of thousands of homes.

Roku had brought out a similar device a couple of years ago, known as the Streaming Stick. However, it came at a cost that was two times as what it costs now. Moreover, it didn’t work with all devices and was easy to work with especially those TV sets that had Mobile High-Definition Link.

Roku streaming media player

There are also rumors doing the rounds that Amazon is also looking to jump in the market with a similar streaming media device. “The thought of Amazon getting into the market is pretty scary,” said Brett Sappington, who is a research director at Park Associates, a research firm.

Roku is certainly having high plans with their new device. If their reports are anything to go by, they have been in talks with a couple of TV manufacturers in China. They will be embedding their technology directly into a couple of HDMI monitors, probably this year itself.

The latest devices from Roku will be able to stream videos from nearly 1200 sources online. That includes some major names like Showtime, Disney, ESPN, YouTube and Netflix. Roku has already started taking orders on sites like Amazon. The shipping is likely to start from the month of April.

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