Roundup of Lenovo Z5 Bezel-less Smartphone: All We Know So Far

The Lenovo Z5 bezel-less smartphone is all set for a launch on June 5 in China. The phone boasts of features like a 45-day battery life. And AI-cameras. Let’s have a look in detail what the Lenovo Z5 is dishing out.

Lenovo Z5 Bezel-less Smartphone

Lenovo Z5 bezel-less smartphone

The next flagship from Lenovo, the Lenovo Z5 bezel-less smartphone, is already doing the rounds. We have heard of various features like a jaw-dropping battery life and AI-powered camera to go with. There is a lot more to the Lenovo Z5, than just these two features. Let’s take a look at them in more detail.

Lenovo Z5 Battery

Lenovo Z5 bezel-less smartphone

One of the USPs of the Lenovo Z5 happens to be the awesome battery it carries under the hood. How long does your battery last for you? One day? Two days? Or even three days of moderate use? But here, Lenovo VP Chang Cheng, is claiming that the company’s upcoming smartphone has a mammoth 45-day battery life. This is really going to be a breakthrough if it really is going to be this way.

However, as of now, there’s no elaboration as to how these 45-days are counted. Obviously, it’ll mean using the phone to the minimal possible use. Watching movies, playing online riddle games or racing games, browsing with mobile data or hotspot will presumably not offer that much battery life. Also, we need to the mobile battery charging time it would take to charge the battery fro 0% to 100%.

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Using the Z5 When the Battery is at 0%

Can you believe this, you can even talk on your Lenovo Z5 even if you have virtually nothing left. Yes, even at 0% of battery life in your Z5, as per Lenovo, you can still talk for 30 minutes. This means you don’t have to worry about your call getting missed just because your battery is down.

But how about the low phone battery causing security threats? These things have existed in the past and this is just a plain doubt, which we are sure Lenovo might have thought of.

Lenovo Z5 Front Camera (Render)

Lenovo Z5 bezel-less smartphone

One look at this phone will make you wonder this is indeed a Lenovo Z5 bezel-less smartphone. It comes with a jaw-dropping 95% screen to body ratio. This ratio will make the Lenovo Z5 one of the few flagships that carry a screen to body ratio of more than 90%.

Lenovo Z5 Storage 4TB

Smartphone storages are increasing with each passing flagship. There was a time when even the 64GB variant was a top-end flagship model. Not anymore. We have the iPhone X that run up to 256GB storage. Now, a flagship like OnePlus 6 [Sales Video] has an entry-level variant with 64GB storage.

But equations are a bit different when it comes to Lenovo Z5. Believe it or not, the Z5 will offer you a whopping, whopping 4TB of storage. This, if comes true, will be the first smartphone of its kind to offer such huge storage. No phone is currently offering this amount of memory. If you wonder there is any other phone that is anywhere near the Z5, there’s none. However, Smartisan, another Chinese brand has already launched a smartphone having 1TB storage.

Lenovo’s VP claims that the Z5 will allow you storing 1 million photos, 2,000 movies in HD, and 150,000 lossless music files. Isn’t that a world of storage?

Lenovo Z5 Camera Samples

The Z5 is likely to come as a dual AI-powered camera phone, which goes well in line with the Lenovo Z5 bezel-less smartphone feature. The Z5 comes with a beautiful bokeh effect. It’s pretty evident from the camera samples posted by the company’s Vice President. Some of the camera samples were shot in the United States, as revealed by the VP.

You can easily spot that the last two images carry the “Lenovo Z5 AI dual camera” watermark. This suggests the photos have indeed been shot on the new Z5. And it’ll be a smartphone with AI support.

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Lenovo Z5 Bezel-less Smartphone Release & Price

Lenovo Z5 bezel-less smartphone

The Lenovo Z5 is slated for June 5 launch. The launch will take place in China. The above poster displays the date. And because it’s an official poster, the news is confirmed. According to China Standard Time, the event will kick off at 14:00 hours.

To start off, the launch will be only for the Chinese market. Though, there are hints of the device getting launched in other markets as well. However, we will have to wait for these dates to be announced, which might take place at a later date.

As far as the price of the Lenovo Z5 is concerned, we are still to know anything about the price. We might only know it only at the launch on June 5.

Lenovo Z5 bezel-less smartphone is easily going to be one of the phones to watch out for. The phone will come out with 18 patented technologies and 4 technological breakthroughs. Let us know your views about the new and upcoming Lenovo Z5. And yes, do not forget to comment below.

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  1. I have used Lenovo Z5 and e the phone is working flawlessly, for now, the battery is great, it will last me 2 days of normal use. Chinese rom is not bad, on the additional feature that it has is all of the bloatware can be uninstalled or stopped.


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