How safe is your mobile? Is it a health hazard?

How safe is your mobile? This is the question we all should ask yourselves. Handset you use can be a potential health hazard for you. You will no doubt feel exaggerated when you show off your handset. But are you aware that the mobile can cause health as well? If you were to buy a cheap mobile phone, it doesn’t mean that it will have lesser hazard and the costlier handsets will carry greater risk.

How many of us are really aware of the SAR value (Specific Absorption Rate) value? It won’t be an exaggeration to term that many people aren’t even aware of the SAR. The SAR is a measure of the energy that the body absorbs. It happens when the body becomes open to the elements like radio frequency (RF) waves. These are mostly found in mobile phones.

SAR is stated in units of W/kg – watts per kilogram. Just remember one thing – the lower SAR equals to lower risk and safe handset. When a mobile is connected to a tower, it releases radio waves. When someone uses the mobile phone, these waves are also absorbed by the tiny tissues in the body.

As a matter of fact, the mobile handsets have seen a tremendous risk in the past decade or so. This time is not enough to come to any conclusion regarding the long-lasting effects of frequent mobile use. But when the risks of mobiles are talked about, the mention of the disappearance of the sparrows also surfaces for sure.
WHO (World Health Organization) has urged the people to lessen the use of the mobiles. Big names in the mobile world that do business across the borders are all known to specify the SAR value on the information provided about a specific model.

However, there is something important to clear your notions about the SAR value. A mobile with high SAR value shouldn’t necessarily mean that it is not safe for use. The reason is that the phone reaches its peak in SAR only when a call is underway, otherwise, it’s always on low SAR.

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