Samsung applies for Galaxy Gear watch trademarks in US and S Korea

Samsung has applied for the Galaxy Gear watch trademarks in the US and South Korea. The watch from the house of Samsung is such a device that can be connected to the internet. With the advent of this technology gaining ground and importance, the companies are targeting wearable gadgets as the future.

It is not only the future loosely speaking, but it is also the future of the business as well. The Samsung Galaxy Gear comes in the shape of a regular watch or a bangle according to the application of July 29 with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Before that, the company had applied for the ‘Samsung Gear’ trademark in South Korea. However, the application for the trademark did not point out the shape of the gadgets. However, there were some drawings from Samsung design patent that was endorsed in May, did show a design resembling a watch.

The design also showed a screen that is flexible in nature that can easily curve around the entire wrist. The application in the US talks about the device that it is capable of connecting to the internet, can send as well as receive phone calls, emails and messages. It can also manage personal information.

The wearable device is certainly a new generation of technology in the field of mobile that can effectively expand the horizons of the usefulness of single function articles.

It was on June 3 that Apple had applied for the trademark for iWatch in Japan. There are already speculations in the industry that Apple may use the version of the OS that it uses for their iPhones and iPads. Apple never publicly advocated the rumors. However, they have given a hint that they will soon be having their very own wearable computing device.

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