Samsung Chromebook Pro And Plus Specs Look Far Better Than Competition

Chromebook Pro

It is a common phenomenon these days to have laptops run on the Windows operating system and have 8GB or 16GB RAM. However, notebooks running on the same operating systems and having the same kind of RAM is rare, to say the least.

The Samsung Chromebook Pro has already made a buzz. The fans are now looking forward to the Samsung Chromebook Pro and Chromebook Plus. The pair will reportedly be launched on February 12, 2017. In fact, the Samsung Chromebook Plus and Pro could well be Google’s answers to Surface Pro and the iPad Pro.

The Samsung Chromebook Plus runs on an ARM processor and the Chromebook Pro on a Core m3 processor. The ASUS Chromebook Flip C302 runs on the same chipset. Therefore, it cannot be ruled out for the Chromebooks. It is possible that the Samsung Chromebook Pro could have 8GB and 16GB RAM. Whether this will, in fact, happen is yet to be seen. If so, the Chromebook Pro will be an improvement on the Chromebook Plus, as reported by Android Community.

The Samsung Chromebook Pro has high-end specifications. Some of these are a touchscreen that can rotate 360 degrees, a quad HD screen, a stylus that is built into the Chromebook and metal, lightweight body. The built-in stylus will be something new for the Notebook category. The Samsung Chromebook Pro is clearly not a low-end or a mid-range design. Chromebooks will also have the full support of the Google Play store. So, a 16GB RAM will not be just an addition. The Samsung Chromebook Pro will also have Chrome apps and the Chrome OS.

The Chromebook Pro doesn’t have a launch date yet but the Chromebook Plus, the lesser of the two Chromebooks, will be launched this month. With all the new specs, the two new Chromebooks could well create history for the Notebook genre of devices.

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[Featured Image by YouTube Screenshot/Pocket Now]

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