Samsung Electronics Co. all set to unveil the Galaxy

The Samsung Electronics Co is all set to unveil the Galaxy, the company’s high-end Smartphone. The unveiling is expected to take place in the next week.

The circumstances this time around are pretty much different than what were earlier when the launch of the previous model took place. Samsung is fighting it hard with other companies in the market as it has always been proved that it hasn’t been easy for any company to lead the pack for a long time.

The new gadget is expected to be launched in Barcelona during a trade show. This is the time for the handset manufacturers and service providers to share the best of their products. Samsung is finding it hard to keep the momentum going with their profits.

Moreover, the profit growth is slouching as well. The competition is getting tougher for the South Korean company as they have to battle their ‘traditional’ rival – the US-based company Apple and Xiaomi Corp from China – a newcomer in the field.

Samsung had a warm time with their Galaxy series of late. The company had introduced a range of Galaxy products that did them some great business. Life had become difficult for other companies as Samsung was scaling success almost on a regular basis. Samsung had sold devices in the range of $150 to $900 successfully.

However, Apple certainly had the edge with the high-end preferring the Apple products. To make things worse, Xiaomi Corp is offering superior features with cheap models in the market.

There is now a crowd in the Smartphone market and if Samsung has to retain their top position, they will have to deliver some extraordinary features with their latest mobile phones.

The new phone is expected to be packed with 5.2 inch screen and will be easily sharper than the S4. The news comes from a familiar person with these developments, who chose to remain anonymous.

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