Samsung Fire-proof Boxes to Carry Back Note 7s to Company

The South Korean tech giant has sent out the Samsung fire-proof boxes for taking back the recalled Galaxy Note 7 devices. Quiet innovative, isn’t it? Continue your read.

Samsung Fire-proof Boxes

Samsung fire-proof boxes

Samsung had launched the flagship Galaxy Note 7 with great hope months back, while the India launch of the device took place on August 11. However, the battery fire incidents gave it shot that Samsung will remember all its life.

Actually, some customers who purchased the device directly from Samsung had complained that UPS and FedEx denied to take back the returned Note 7 units. This is because they were afraid of the device blowing up. Therefore, Samsung has planned to embrace a new yet innovative method that would help people to overcome this fear.

The South Korea-based manufacturer has sent Samsung fire-proof boxes to XDA. This new return package includes cardboard boxes, anti-static bag, and blue latex gloves. Firstly, you have to switch off the power of affected Galaxy Note 7. Then you have an anti-static bag and you have to stick the affected device into the bag. After this, you need to put the whole packet into a cardboard box and again there is another cardboard box where the previous box should be put in. You can see a thermally insulated box which is lined with ceramic fiber, which is made for controlling the potential fires. Before touching the ceramic fiber, you should put on the gloves as there might be a chance to get any irritation on the skin.

Samsung has earlier tweeted about these durable boxes and it has started using these boxes in September. This seems to be the same time when customers had started complaining of Galaxy Note 7’s fire incidents.

Here is the video link that unwraps the package of Samsung fire-proof boxes.

Previously, we saw a report suggesting a Diwali relaunch of Galaxy Note 7 in India. If you have bought a Note 7 device from a US carrier or retailer and it got affected by fire, you should immediately return it to the store.

We expect, a huge cost incurred for the Samsung fire-proof boxes. Previously, Samsung together with CPSC has decided to suspend sales and recall one million (approx.) Galaxy Note 7 units in the US. Samsung could have already lost almost $17 billion as a result of the sales suspension of these smartphones.


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