Samsung Galaxy A90: First Galaxy Having a Pop-up Camera

If the latest reports are anything to go by, the Samsung Galaxy A90 could very well become the first Galaxy phone from Samsung having a pop-up camera.

Samsung Galaxy A90

After Samsung launched the Galaxy M10 and M20 in India, it’s time to focus our attention on the Samsung Galaxy A90. is likely to be released in a brand new design. It will neither have a notch nor will it have punch-hole camera sensor. In this case, the mechanical pop-up camera is the only way to go. And Samsung is doing just that.

Samsung Galaxy A90

After Vivo NEX introduced the pop-up camera, Oppo incorporated the motorized camera function in their phone, and the Find X as well. And with the 2019 design in mind, Samsung is looking to replace last year’s Galaxy A9. As per the current info at hands, the Galaxy A90 will have RAM options like 6GB and 8GB. The native storage is 128GB.

As for as the Galaxy A9, those in know will remember that it’s the first phone in the world to have a quad-camera setup. Which means there are four cameras to the back. The phone came with a huge 128GB of storage, as mentioned above. And this could be expanded up to 512GB through MicroSD card. With so many lovely features, there was really no reason, why Samsung was going to replace the device after being launched only 3-4 months back.

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For having bigger displays, companies are resorting to making phones more and more bezel-less. And in the process, phones get the punch-hole or motorized design. Of course, the punch-hole design is a later design trend as compared to the motorized feature. And you will find this feature in phones like the Oppo Find X.

As of now, there’s no doubt, Samsung is going to stay with the punch-hole design. And for this, the best bet for the South Korean company is the upcoming Galaxy S10 series. No doubt, the Samsung Galaxy A90 is in the wings!


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