Samsung Galaxy J7 Caught Fire on Delhi-Indore Flight of Jet Airways

Recently, Galaxy J7 caught fire mid-air on Delhi-Indore flight of Jet Airways. Is it a warning signal for all Samsung users yet again?

Galaxy J7 Caught Fire

Galaxy J7 Caught Fire
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In 2017, things were going in favor of Samsung as its exclusive smartphones, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 Phablet were thankfully not in news for catching fire like Galaxy S7 last year. However, a few hours ago, the incident of Samsung’s smartphone bursting into flames has left us all shocked. As per the reports, Galaxy J7 caught fire mid-air during Delhi-Indore Jet Airways flight 9W 791. In 2016, Galaxy J7 Prime accompanied with amazing specs and features was rolled out in Vietnam.

Galaxy J7 Prime donning 5.5-inch display was launched at just Rs. 18,790 in India last year. Reports suggest that the flight had around 120 passengers onboard and this unfortunate incident took place after it took off. When Arpita Dhal, the owner of Galaxy J7, observed smoky fumes coming out of her handbag, she immediately called the flight attendant to control the issue. She was carrying three smartphones in her bag, and sadly, out of those, it was Galaxy J7 that had caught fire.

Another factor that made this incidence more severe was the non-working of Jet Airways’ fire extinguishers on time. Due to this, the flight attendant had no option except throwing water on the smartphone.

Arpita’s spouse Atul said in a statement that he would file a complaint against Jet Airways because everybody’s safety was put at risk because of non-working of extinguishers. And who would have been at fault if it was the case of some severe blast or fire?

Justifying themselves, Jet Airways told that the concerned authorities had taken care of the issue after it was reported. They further said that Galaxy J7 caught fire off-flight. The authorities have seized the smartphone and forwarded this matter to Directorate General of Civil Aviation. They will start investigating this matter after receiving intimation from the government.


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