Samsung Galaxy Note 10: Launch In 2020

We have been waiting for Samsung Galaxy Note 9. What if Samsung Galaxy Note 10 also is a new addition soon after the launch of Note 9?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

After Samsung Galaxy Note 8, people are curious about Samsung Galaxy Note 9. While this news is yet to reach to everyone, a tipster known as Benjamin Geskin dropped a bomb. He also shared a tweet with a few hints on the launch of the flagship Note 10 and will be the successor of Note 9.

As per him soon after the launch of Note 9 which is going to be a successor of Note 8 will have its successor in the year 2019 or 2020.

Expected specs

Smartphones with bezel are out of fashion. Nowadays, you get more phones with sleek bezel Samsung Note 10 may not have the bezel at all. It is not wrong to call it futuristic. While the look is quite the same as that of iPhone X, the bezel and the speaker location are different when compared. Other than these features, there may be more additions which are mentioned below.

  • Fingerprint sensor will be in-display
  • Dual camera like that of Samsung Galaxy S9 as well as 9 Plus in the vertical direction

Samsung always comes up with new and unique features. By the time, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 releases, there may be more features that we can’t think of at the moment. Tipster Benjamin has aroused more curiosity among the fans.


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