Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Relocated Brightness Bar

After all the talks about the Galaxy Note 7, here’s something more regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 relocated brightness bar. As we already know that Samsung is shipping Galaxy Note 7 with TouchWiz user interface update, codenamed as Grace UX.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 relocated brightness bar


The UI was first witnessed in the last month’s video displayed from all angles and some cosmetic developments by the firm. Grace UX is very similar to the previous versions of TouchWiz in terms of shape but there is a change in the Material Design approach for the icons appearance. As noticed in the Galaxy Note 7 recently, there is on more alteration and that is a step down from the previous build of the UI.

Generally, changing the brightness is very easy and same in all the Samsung smartphones but it has now relocated the brightness bar in the Galaxy Note 7. Previously, all we had do was to pull down the notification panel with one finger and the slider appeared to be below the row of quick toggles at the display top. Now, in the Galaxy Note 7, that had a number of videos published recently, we have to use two fingers instead of one and pull down twice on the notification panel to change the brightness which can be seen at the bottom of the quick toggles menu. However, the new changes in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 relocated brightness bar, things will be really different and easier.


This procedure was popular in stock Android devices and was used to adjust the brightness and the reasons are still unknown about Samsung’s changing its streamlined process. Although, the auto brightness algorithm and addition of a second ambient light sensor at the back to adjust the brightness manually. The launch of the device for the Indian market took place on August 11.

Once you get used to the new functioning of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 relocated brightness bar, you will find things going easier for you.


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