Samsung Galaxy phones to lend support to nine Indian languages

Users can now be able to use the Samsung Galaxy phones in as many as nine Indian languages. The Samsung phones will be able to support the local Indian languages. So, using these phones will be easier than before now.

The Galaxy range of tabs and Smartphones will have this facility, Samsung has said. In association with Reverie Language Technologies, Samsung’s Galaxy models will now support Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Punjabi, Gujarati and Bengali, apart from Marathi. The national language, Hindi completes the list of these nine languages.Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Vineet Taneja, who is the country head of Samsung Mobile India, said that the company wants to give the users the Android experience in their local languages. That is why they will be working in with Reverie Language Technologies, which can help the non-English users get the taste of internet and Samsung phones.

The Galaxy Tab 3 series will have support for these nine languages. Apart from that users can also have the Galaxy Grand and the Galaxy S4 in their local languages. Another Galaxy phone – the Galaxy Star, which is the entry-level Android phone from Samsung, will also have support for the language pack from this month onwards.

This will also make it possible for the users to have an access to the apps on the Samsung App Store in their local languages. The languages will support categories like entertainment, utility, games, and lifestyle. The apps that support the languages are Facebook, Mydala, The Times Of India and BSE among many more.
But if your favored language does not exist in the above list of languages, do not get disheartened.

Samsung will soon be introducing many more languages. There will also be more regional apps in the future from Samsung.

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  1. Hindi is NOT the national language. Please correct this. Hindi was accepted as one of the official language of the Union Govt only because in 1950s, technology had not progressed enough to allow use of most of the major Indian languages. And Hindi was accepted, because non-Hindi people agreed to do so for the sake of the Union, please remember that! I am tired of Hindi native-speakers with their rude, arrogant, boorish behavior coming up to non-Hindi people and demanding them to speak in Hindi and accusing them of not being Indian enough when they refuse. All non-Hindi people have done a huge big favor to Hindi by accepting it as one of the Union languages. Please remember that!


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