The Samsung Galaxy S10 Might Sport a 3D Camera

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 might have a 3D camera. Though these are rumors still, you cannot rule out the possibility of it coming true in the future. Read on to know more.

Samsung Galaxy S10 3D Camera

Samsung Galaxy S9 announcement, Samsung Galaxy S10 3D camera
Sample Image: Galaxy S9

We are all excited about the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. The announcement took place earlier this month along with the pricing and availability details. That’s great. Now move on and focus on the Galaxy S10 shall we? Rumored to be also called as the Galaxy X, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is looked forward to as the best addition ever to the premium Galaxy line-up. If there is one thing consistent in the S series, then it is the camera. The camera in each phone gets better and better with every phone released in the S series.

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And rumors suggest that Samsung might be having a great surprise in stock for the S10. according to rumors, Samsung is reportedly collaborating with a firm named Namuga which deals exclusively in camera modules to add the 3D camera. What makes them stand out is that they specialize in integrating 3D sensing software into the camera. The company already has experience in this particular field as it sold its technology for Intel’s RealSense AR cameras. The company has also been working closely with Samsung for quite a while now, thus making it a point we call much upon.

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Though there is no official word on anything from Samsung regarding the S10, having a 3D camera handy in the palm of our hand would not hurt anyone right?

How would the new rumored Galaxy S10 3D camera work for Samsung? Put your views in the comment section below.


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