Samsung Galaxy Tab S8.4 and Galaxy Tab S10.5 Launched

Samsung has launched Samsung Galaxy Tab S8.4 and Galaxy Tab S10.5 – the two tablet computers. They will come with rich colors and higher standards.

These high resolution screens are recognized as AMOLED screens for the active-matrix organic light emitting diodes. These are the features that are regularly seen in Samsung Smartphones and a few other production houses as well.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8.4 is one such tablet that uses the AMOLED screens. Tabs haven’t really used such features for the reason that it is not easy producing larger screens.

And that is exactly what Samsung is trying to change and that’s why Samsung is producing such Android tablets. These are the line of products that are known as Galaxy Tab S. The Galaxy Tab S will come in 8.4-inch screen – known as the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 and the Galaxy Tab S 10.5, which comes in a screen size of 10.5 inches.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8.4

The price of the Samsung devices in the US will be $400, which is roughly around Rs. 23,772. Models with 4G LTE Galaxy Tab S 10.5 LTE and Galaxy Tab S 8.4 LTE will make appearance in this year later on.

Samsung happens to be the second largest manufacture of tablets in the world. They are behind Apple, who has the iPads as their best selling products. However, Samsung has now been gaining a lot of market share in various parts of the world at the expense of Apple’s market share. Samsung has gained the market as they have introduced products in various sizes.

‘Tab’ is that brand from the Korean company, which are the budget devices minus the stylus, which the ‘Note’ tabs do have. Samsung had come up with the ‘Pro’ brand targeting the professionals to use these gadgets.

And now with the AMOLED screens, Samsung is planning to have the Tab line as the flagship devices of the company.

Samsung has also launched the Samsung Galaxy Tab S Series in India. The tabs come with AMOLED screens and that could be the upside of the Galaxy Tab S series, which could give the edge for the Korean company in the Indian market.

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