Samsung Gear S Smartwatch for making calls unveiled

Samsung has unveiled the Samsung Gear S Smartwatch, the device that is able to make and receive phone calls without a mobile phone being in the vicinity.

The South Korean company made the Smartwatch open to the public in what’s arguably the first such Smartwatch of its kind.

Samsung Gear S Smartwatch

The Gear S Smartwatch is the result of the efforts Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is putting in bringing out something new to offer to the consumers after their Galaxy series of Smartphones and cameras raked havoc in the markets around the world.

Earlier there were reports that the Samsung Gear S Smartwatch will run on the samsung’s own budding Tizen operating system.Samsung Smartwatch, Samsung wearable device,  Samsung Gear S Smartwatch

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There are a lot of other prominent companies in the world that are looking forward to bringing their own versions of the Smartwatches. Motorola, Google and LG are some of those names that will have their Smartwatches to compete with the Samsung Gear S Smartwatch.

With the Gear S Smartwatch, Samsung – the largest Smartphone maker in the world has now set their eyes on becoming the largest Smartwatch maker too. However, with the above mentioned companies also taking on each other, it will not be a walk in the park for Samsung.Samsung Gear S Smartwatch

The other companies mentioned above will sooner or later bring their devices in the market. Therefore, there will be once again competition for Smartwatches, much the way there was for Smartphones.

The Samsung Gear S Smartwatch which is known as Gear S is different from the predecessor and has a bigger screen with 2 inches. It has a curved display and comes with Wi-Fi connectivity options too. It also has pedestrian navigation as well as in-built GPS.

The sales of the Samsung device will get underway from the month of October. However, the price of the Samsung Gear S Smartwatch was not known yet. In fact, it hasn’t been revealed as a part of the strategy.

The prices of the major Smartwatches were also not revealed. But some of them would be released in the fourth quarter of the year.

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