Samsung global shipments, the highest in Q2 2017

Samsung global shipments have procured the first rank by shipping 22.1% of the total number of smartphones in Q2 2017 worldwide.

Samsung global shipments

Samsung global shipments
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Besides making the most number of Samsung global shipments in the second quarter of the year, the company has secured the first spot in North America too. Here, it acquired around 33% of the smartphone market share and sold 14 million units. Where as the luxurious company Apple grabbed the second position by shipping 10.1 million units and seizing 24% share in the smartphone market. The South Korean company LG that gained 17.1% market share, was ranked third in the North American region. Just a few days before, Samsung launched its SM-G9298 flip phone in China. The phone is available in black color and has 4.2-inch dual displays on the front and back.

The reports concluded that Samsung made 22.1% shipments of its smartphones worldwide in Q2 2017. This number is 1.9 million units more than the units shipped in Q2 2016.  Samsung also coped up with its failure of its Galaxy Note 7 by seeing a growth of 2% in its units that were 77.6 million in April-June 2016. However, Apple ranked second in spite of shipping more smartphones YoY. Though it was predicted that Apple would ship 41.5 million units by the end of this quarter, it could sell only 41 million units, a little less than the target.

Samsung global shipments

By shipping 38.4 million units shipped in this year’s second quarter, Huawei achieved 10.7% market share, while Oppo stood fourth by covering 8.2% share. As a surprise, it shipped 64% more units YoY leading to a total number of 29.5 units. Xiaomi, with a yearly growth of 58%, was spotted at 5th position with 23.3 million units shipped.

Samsung global shipments were 77.6 million units in Q2 2016, which rose to 79.5 million in Q2 this year. In this second quarter, Samsung continues to top the smartphone markets.


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