Samsung to launch Galaxy S4 with dual-network for faster connection

Samsung will soon launch the new version of Galaxy S4 that will come with dual network functions for a faster connection. The change will present the users with a faster data connection. The company will be launching the newer versions of the Galaxy S4 and S4 Mini.

The phones will be a big plus for the high-end LTE networks where users will get faster download speeds. However, there is a wait for the LTE bandwagon. And even if there is the option for dual-network, it will take time before the feature comes into widespread effectSamsung Galaxy S4 Mini
Samsung has come out with a statement saying that there are many global networks that use LTE technology make use of the Frequency Division Duplex variant. This technology is called the FDD-LTE technology. There is an alternate technology known as the TDD-LTE or Time Division Duplex LTE technology.

Having devices that will be able to switch between both these types of LTE connections will give the mobile companies a chance of creating an environment for faster connectivity and data traffic.

Samsung has been taking steps to rope in newer technologies so that they stay ahead in the Smartphone race. They had already claimed that they had made a breakthrough in the mobile technology development for 5G networks. The practical commercialization of the 5G network might take quite a while. At the moment, it is all guessing game.

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