Samsung launches Galaxy Round with a curved display for $1,000

Samsung has launched Galaxy Round – the Smartphone with curved display. The price of the Galaxy Round in South Korea is $1,000. The device was launched in the home country to get things rolling.

Samsung has won the race against time as the company launched Smartphone with a curved display. There was a possibility LG Electronics Inc. also coming up with a device with curved display, called LG Z. However, Samsung was off the blocks faster and debuted with the curved display device.Samsung

The Galaxy Round comes with 5.7-inch display. Samsung has said that the technology used in the Galaxy Round is the OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technology. The company has further commented on the curve of the device saying that the design will make it easier to grip the phone.

Both companies in South Korea – Samsung and LG are the leading ambassadors of the curved display. Both companies have earlier manufactured TV sets with curved displays that carry the OLED technology.

For now, the Galaxy Round will only be available in South Korea. Some days ago, the specifications of the curved Smartphone from Samsung were leaked online.

One of the bigger challenges will be figuring out the production for cheap mass production of the parts that are used in such devices, which will both be heat-resistant and thin. Even batteries will also have to take new avatars so that they will be able to support the flexible screens.

The problems are galore as it is still the childhood of curved displays in mobile handsets.

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