Samsung Galaxy A8 Video Released Celebrating its Latest Release

Samsung Galaxy A8 video has been launched celebrating its new features Galaxy A8 camera and its diversified releases of its A series.

Samsung Galaxy A8 video

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Samsung Galaxy A8 Video

After the most recent release of the A series by Samsung, it further looks forward to promoting two new models Samsung Galaxy A8 and Samsung Galaxy A8+. The two brand new sets are popularly known to deliver the most active features at pretty affordable prices.

To rejoice its diversity, it published a short film recently as an elusive celebration of its new releasing headset camera.  The video is based on a beautiful story letting people know that ‘they are different and what’s what makes them beautiful’. It highlights the phone’s dual front camera throughout the Samsung Galaxy A8 video.

The main character of the film picks up people randomly and asks them if she can take their photos. The people wonder why does she want to capture them. She responds saying that clicking pictures is one of the most beautiful things she finds. The character has been using the Galaxy A8 (2018) camera to capture the photos in diverse environments.

Camera Specification of Galaxy A8 and A8+

The camera of Samsung Galaxy A8 and A8+ have a 16 MP primary camera. The two have an 8 MP camera in the front. Both the sides of the cameras have a f/1.9 aperture. The users can enjoy taking beautiful captures and selfies, close-ups with a background blue and enjoy the newly launched, the Live Focus feature too. This new feature lets the user adjust the blur effect before as well as after clicking the image.

This film is surely a different one in comparison to other smartphone commercials. Nevertheless, it actually seems to have achieved its objective. The video is able to highlight the phones most focused features, its camera. Samsung has already released both its handsets Galaxy A8 and A8+ (2018) in several markets across the globe. These models have already gained a massive popularity in the market.


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