Samsung Tizen Handsets to Have Nokia Maps and Location Services

Samsung Tizen handsets will soon have maps and location services from Nokia. Handset maker Nokia has partnered with Smartphone maker Samsung.

Samsung has brought out their own operating system Tizen and is used for Samsung Tizen handsets. Apart from this, Nokia will also offer solutions to the latest device from Samsung, the Smartwatch Gear S.

Samsung Tizen Handsets

The location based services from Nokia, HERE will be providing the solutions to the Samsung Smartwatch. Nokia had released a statement yesterday saying that HERE has entered into a partnership with Samsung for bringing the maps and locations right to the Samsung Tizen handsets.

HERE powers an app known as Navigator. It offers turn-by-turn walking navigation as well as public transport routing.

Samsung Tizen handsets

As far as Tizen is concerned, it is an operating system by Samsung, which is open and flexible. The OS has been built to compete with the established operating systems Android and iOS.

Samsung Tizen handsets will be more flexible to use as the OS from Samsung has been developed to address the requirements of the stakeholders of mobiles as well as connected gadgets ecosystem. This includes mobiles carriers, app developers, handset makers as well as independent software vendors.

The first of the Samsung Tizen handsets will be brought out in the current quarter in this year. If the attraction towards the Google’s Android OS takes a backseat, we will get to see more of Samsung Tizen handsets in the near future. This can also spell a tough challenge to Apple’s iOS.

Though Samsung is the top Smartphone maker in the world, their handsets use the Android OS. Now, Samsung will bring the Samsung Z – the Smartphone powered by Tizen. The third quarter will see the phone being launched in Russia. The device will then be released for other markets in the world.

Samsung was, however, not ready to divulge any details at the moment. However, there will soon be Samsung Tizen handsets in the leading markets and soon spread elsewhere too.

Samsung and Android is one such combination, where Samsung is the largest Smartphone maker and Android is the most dominant OS used in the market today. So, the world will soon see new Samsung Tizen handsets.

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