Samsung Tizen Z1 India Launch on December 10

The Samsung Tizen Z1 India launch is scheduled to take place on December 10, according to the latest reports. It is understood that the Smartphones will cost less than $100. Of course, it will be a whole new range of Samsung devices as the operating system itself will be brand new one for the Indian market.

Samsung Tizen Z1 India Launch

The South Korean electronics giant, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, has finalized plans for the launch of the new Smartphones based on the company’s in-house OS, Tizen. The Maeil Business Newspaper from South Korea has brought out the report regarding the Z1 launch in India. Things are gearing up for the Samsung launch as the date of the launch is fast nearing.

Samsung Tizen Smartphone Known as Z1

The brand new Samsung device will be known as Z1. Even though the business daily carried the news, there was no confirmation from Samsung. In fact, the spokeswoman of the company did not divulge any details regarding the device or the Samsung Tizen Z1 India launch. Understandably so, the company is keeping a silence and maintaining mystery regarding the launch of the Samsung handset.

Initial Plans to Launch Tizen-based Smartphones

Samsung actually had plans to launch the Tizen Smartphones in Russia, rather than in India. The phones were scheduled to launch sometime in the third quarter. However, the plans were later withdrawn leaving Russia without Tizen Smartphones at the moment.

To give more weight and exposure to the Samsung OS, the company has decided to focus more on the platform. That’s why Samsung Tizen Z1 India launch will be one of the ways to have devices with Samsung operating tizen z1 india launch

Samsung Runs on Android

Bulk of the Samsung devices currently runs on Google’s operating system Android. Many of the flagship Samsung models have Android as the operating system. Currently, there is very little to virtually no exposure to Tizen platform with the company’s handsets.

So, can Samsung Tizen be an alternative to Android OS and Apple’s iOS?

The first ever Tizen Smartphone was the Samsung Z, which was launched after a considerable amount of delay. It was a high-end device that came with 4.8-inch of screen with SUPER-AMOLED display. A Quad-Core-CPU powered the debut Tizen device. And yes, do not forget that there were also leaked images of the Samsung Tizen phone ZEQ9000 doing the rounds on the internet.

By the end of August this year, Samsung had launched the Samsung Gear S, a curved Smartwatch that runs on the Tizen platform.

The Samsung Tizen Z1 India launch assumes importance as India is a huge market for mobile phones.

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