Samsung likely to unveil Galaxy Note III and SmartWatch in one month

Exactly in one month’s time, Samsung might likely unveil Galaxy Note III and Smartwatch. It is going to be the next generation Galaxy Note gadget that may set in the public eyes at an event on the 4th of September.
The event will take place in Berlin and was first brought out by Techkiddy. That is just a couple of days earlier as IFA conference gets underway at the same place. This is the same event when the original Galaxy Note, as well as it descendant, has been made public in the days gone by.

At the same event, Samsung is likely to unveil the wearable computing gadget – the Smartwatch, about which we had told you before. This will certainly prove to be a direct competition with Apple, which is also getting ready with the launch of the iWatch pretty
Sony had also recently made public their SmartWatch 2, a device that runs on Android.

As far as the Samsung Galaxy Note III is concerned, there aren’t any latest reports or any information about the specifications. But from the information available what we know is that the device will sport 5.7-inch full-HD AMOLED display.

The tab will run on Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, have 3GB of RAM and will run the latest version of Android – 4.3. There is expected to be a 13 MP rear camera to the phablet.

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