Samsung to usher in phones with curved screens

Innovation will never stop in the world of technology and Samsung proves it as they get ready to usher in phones with curved screens. Samsung has said that they will be introduced phones with curved screens in the month of October.

This means there will be another piece of hardware innovation as Samsung tries to match novelty in hardware as well. This will automatically give Samsung the edge in the highly competitive business. Samsung has already become the top company in the world in Smartphone

The curved displays are in their infancy until now, which is heading towards foldable and bendable designs. This will allow mobile handset screens and wearable gadgets like Smartwatches to get novel forms.

The curved displays will first get introduced in South Korea in the next month, said DJ Lee, who is the business head of strategic marketing for Samsung mobiles.

Samsung displayed the prototype products that have a flexible screen apart from a display that runs from the side of a gadget. Things aren’t easy, however. The first major obstacle the companies have to look into is producing the devices in bulk.

They will also have to come up with the displays that are not only heat resistant, but also thin as a sheet of paper. It must be mentioned that curved displays are already used in TV sets. Samsung, along with LG Electronics have already brought OLED TV sets in the market that cost nearly $9000.

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