Samsung Virtual Assistant ‘Bixby’ To Debut With Galaxy S8

Users of Samsung phones are in for a treat with the new Samsung Galaxy S8. Sources say that it is going to have a new virtual assistant to help users with their day to day transactions on the phone. According to sources, the Samsung Bixby is going to be the new Galaxy S8’s virtual assistant. Bixby is going to be integrated into Samsung’s Android apps and Samsung Pay Mini.

Samsung Virtual Assistant


Samsung Pay Mini, the mobile payment app for Samsung is going to be a simpler and lighter version. While Samsung Pay is a more evolved payment system which can allow users to transact in the physical environment, with Samsung Pay Mini users will only be able to make online payments.

It is reported that Bixby, the new Samsung virtual assistant will be available to all the apps in Galaxy S8. This is true for all the pre-installed apps on the phone. This piece of news came close on the heels of the South Korean electronics giant’s acquisition of Viv Labs, a North American AI software company. Bixby will reportedly have both male and female voices. If substantiated, this will take Galaxy 8 to another level in consumer electronics.

The Samsung virtual assistant will be a more intelligent version of AI based virtual assistants already in the market. However, in order to integrate the Samsung virtual assistant in all the native apps on the phone the apps themselves will need to be updated. This will reportedly be done by updating them with a new user interface.

Galaxy S8 is probably going to be made official on the 18th of April, 2017. Earlier, it was believed that Samsung would make Galaxy S8 official at the Mobile World Congress in February 2017. No more information is forthcoming about the new Galaxy S8 model preceding its launch in April 2017.


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