Satya Nadella Visionary Steps for Reshaping Microsoft

Satya Nadella has visionary steps for reshaping the fortunes of Microsoft. He has been at the helm of the software giant firm and looks like he has solid plans to take his company forward.

In a report, it is understood that he has a 3300 word memo that has been sent out to all the employees as well as to the press. Nadella feels Microsoft should not be seen as a company that is involved in products and services.

The statement reads as follows:

At our core, Microsoft is the productivity and platform company for the mobile-first and cloud-first world. We will reinvent productivity to empower every person and every organization on the planet to do more and achieve more.

It can be marked that “mobile-first and cloud-first” is the term that Nadella has also used in the past. And yes, “productivity” is another term, which the CEO has used as many as 20 times in the 3000+ word memo.

Satya Nadella

Pete Pachal is the Tech Editor at Mashable. He has summed it by marking that “Nadella’s Microsoft is ‘unapologetically productive’.

There are other key lines in the memo by Nadella:

You’re defining the market as ‘It’s already done, Apple and Google have won, because they won the consumer side.

You’re also going to go to work, you’re also going to be productive and we can do a better job for you in there. And that’s what I want to appeal to.

What Nadella wants to say that if Microsoft won’t be able to win by competing with other big players in the US like Google and Apple, as a company that is entirely focused on consumers.

Surface Pro 3 could be the fitting example for the strategy. It is the device that introduced a key shift in the strategy for the company. According to experts, Microsoft has decided to battle with MacBook Air as against the iPad Air.

Satya Nadella had recently taken over from former CEO Steve Ballmer in tough and challenging conditions. Days are still not easy for the CEO as he has to prove his worth. Though it has not been still even half a year, we should wait and see what positive changes this new memo brings from Steve Nadella.

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