Screen Cast: View Mobile Screen on PC Without USB

With the Screen Cast app, you can cast your mobile screen on your desktop to get a better and bigger view. So, how does the app work? Find more in the tutorial.

Screen Cast – View Mobile on PC

Screen Cast

There is no doubt that screen cast apps work well and they are the need of the hours for various reasons. Yes, nowadays quite a few phablets are coming out in the market making the mobile screen look bigger and better. This also makes viewing the contents easy. But how about casting your mobile screen on your PC? This is where the Screen App comes in the picture.

Let’s how you can cast your mobile screen on your desktop. For such casting, you can use tablets, Macs or even the latest Smart TVs.

First up, you need to download the screen cast app. We are talking about the Android version and the download link has been provided at the end.

Follow the steps given below

As you start the app, you are greeted with the image as you can see below. It shows the connection from your desktop/PCand your mobile phone.

As you can see, you get a URL that you have to copy-paste in your browser. For this purpose, I’ve used the Chrome browser (version 65.0.3325.181 (Official Build) (64-bit)). And tested with Redmi Note 4 4GB-64GB variant.

For this connection, I’m using the Wifi feature. Though, you can try the same with the mobile hotspot too. You have to configure your Wifi, which is a pretty nominal step in this process. You will be directed to the Wifi setting as you can see in the next picture.

Once configured, you can now start casting your mobile screen on your PC. But remember, before doing that, you will have to copy/type the URL the app provides you. Once done, press the “Start” button so the system starts capturing whatever your mobile screen displays.

For a sample purpose, I’m attaching the screenshots taken from my laptop after the mobile screen is cast.

Note: This isn’t a sponsored post. Follow the steps at your risk. This is just a guideline. We can’t be responsible if things go wrong on your side.

Download Screen Cast (Android)

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