Now Seamless Grocery Shopping From Amazon Dash

Amazon has launched Dash that can help you seamless grocery shopping. It is a brand new gadget that assists the shoppers for making a list of grocery by just speaking to it or scanning the barcode of the products.

Seamless Grocery Shopping

The delivery of the items can be done via Amazon Fresh either on the very same day or the next day.

Amazon Inc is the largest online retailer and is having innovative ways to help people in their shopping. A simple dictation or using the barcodes a list can be easily made.

The device is free as of now. However, as the company is testing the gadget, right now, it is available only by invitation by Amazon for their Prime Fresh members. The cost of the membership for one year is $300. And the best thing is that newer items can be appended at any time.Amazon Dash

The standalone gadget uses the Wi-Fi connection in your house and sets the list up. The list then can be added to your account. Users then will be able to log the favorite items via Amazon Dash.

The device works separately, but is only limited to Amazon Fresh. But as of now, the service is available in Seattle Area, Southern California and San Francisco Area.

The Fresh service from Amazon was introduced in Seattle Area as a part of the company’s pilot program. In 2013, the service expanded its horizons in San Francisco Bay areas and Los Angeles. However, Amazon is really not interested in expanding currently as demand for the service is constrained.

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