Skype video messaging comes out of preview: Is now free

Did you ever try the Skype video messaging when it was in the preview mode? If your answer is yes, then the next question is, did you like the service? If your answer yet again is yes, there is something you will still like more.

The Skype video messaging service has come out of preview and has now become a free and full-fledged feature. The feature works on Windows 8, iPad, Mac, Android as well as with BlackBerry.

Skype video messaging has been popular and now that it is free and fully developed there are likely to be more users with the service provider. The service allows you to record as well as share your private video messages with your friends and family.

It doesn’t matter if they are online or not. They will receive the message immediately after signing in to Skype. The messages that you send can only be shared with the contact you select. So, you always know whom you are sending your messages.

How to send messages with Skype video messaging?

Just tap the button that says “Video Message”.

Next, tap the record button and start capturing the video message.

You can now record the message but remember it cannot be longer than three minutes. The best part is you can preview the message before sending so you can do the needful changes if you so wish. In case you aren’t happy with the result, just delete the message and re-record.

Once done, click the envelop icon.

You are now ready to send messages – as many as you wish – totally free.

At the beginning of this month, Microsoft had brought out the latest version of Skype for Windows desktop.

The update included an enhanced the steadiness of the video messaging. The update also made it easy to track the notifications.

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