Smartphone Addiction Study: Indians Most Addicted

A recent Smartphone addiction study shows that Indian people are the most addicted of the lot when it comes to their use of Smartphones. India was one of the five countries where this survey was conducted. The other four countries were China, Brazil, Germany and the United States.

Smartphone Addiction Study

B2X Care Solutions, a firm from Germany conducted this survey, which included more than 2,550 respondents. Now why India, China, Brazil, Germany and the US were chosen is because they are the top five regions in the world with the highest use of both Smartphones as well as tablets.

The study conducted on these people shows that about 57% of the Indian users have been straightforward in admitting that they cannot live without Smartphones. This is the highest number of such responses in the survey.

Users & Age Group

The people who were involved in the Smartphone addiction survey were between 16 and 65 years old. And yes, only those people were considered for the study who personally owned either a Smartphone or a tab.


From India 507 people took part in the survey, while 518 people were from the US. From Germany 535, from China 515 and the least number of Smartphone users were from Brazil – 503. Like India, Brazil and Germany are also slow when it comes to repairing a Smartphone. Actually, consumers have to wait that long to get their devices repaired.

However, in a country like United States and China, for the same repairing work customers do not wait for even one day.

No Compromise on Smartphone Addiction

Though Indians top the list of Smartphone addicted people, there are some interesting things that sprung during the Smartphone addiction study. A whopping 98% of people from the US between 16 and 29 years of age prefer to go to bed with their Smartphone. A sum of US $500 was refused by around 13% of people to part ways from their device for at least one week. This shows the intensity of addiction people have towards their gadgets.

This doesn’t take away the credit from the Chinese as far their addiction to such digital devices is concerned. Nearly 75% people in China spend no less than $250 when buying a Smartphone. There are 80% of Smartphone consumers in China, who own at least a couple of such devices. They are even inclined to changing their device without using it even for one year.

Brazil has their own way of being addicted according to the Smartphone addiction study. More than 60% of people in the country use their Smartphones for nearly three hours on a daily basis. This makes them the people with highest device use.

It can be safely said that this Smartphone addiction study is the face of all the Smartphone users in the world. People are increasingly using the devices before even a TV.

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