The Future of Smartphone Displays For Apple and Samsung Fanatics

Tech-giant companies such as Apple and Samsung are working really hard on transforming smartphone displays for their upcoming flagships.

Smartphone Displays

Recently, Samsung showcased its exclusive rollable and flexible smartphone displays at the famous SID DisplayWeek. And talking about its competitor, Apple, it may seem to have innovative wrap-around displays for its upcoming models.

Samsung Displays

At SID DisplayWeek, the light-field display and rollable OLED displays featured in the Samsung booth captured the attention of almost every person present out there. Its captivating installation included a rollable OLED display of 14 inches, having a bending radius of 10R along with dimensions 960*540. This hints the presence of OLED displays, that can be easily folded, in the upcoming smartphones. If you are a die-hard fan of Note, then do check out the leaked specifications of Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

The tech-company also featured its transparent AMOLED panel of 4.94 inches and with dimensions of 360*112. It has a sheer transparency of 44% along with a 7-inch 1280*800 light-field display supporting 18 viewpoints through binocular disparity vergence motion parallax technology of Samsung Display. Considering its automotive users, Samsung also displayed its unbreakable 1440*2960 display of 6.22 inches having an all-plastic design that would ensure durability for apps in the automotive niche.

Apple Displays

Apple always does its best to bring something unique with its every launch. Believing the reports of US Patent and Trademark office, Apple is planning to get wrap-around displays for its yet-to-be launched gadgets. The Cupertino tech-organization had presented this concept back in 2016. Apple’s big WWDC event will take place on June 4, 2018, and it will be awesome to see how effectively it offers a preview of improvements made for 4 platforms.

Smartphone Displays

As per the statement made by Apple in the patent, the panel can present visuals ‘at any portion of the transparent housing’. The panel will sport a couple of user interfaces, where one will located centrally, and the other one at peripheral locations.

Smartphone Displays

Another patent of Apple submitted in 2015 looks like a gadget that looks like an i-Pad, and has bezels which can be utilized for tapping and controlling onscreen functions. The screen would inform if a specific component of bezel looks active, and further tell about its function.

As per the images, it will be easier for users to turn on or off the device, scroll freely, have a quick access to more menus, and include context-sensitive controls to the side of the smartphone. Further, the wireless charging feature may call for an iPhone with no cables and buttons. So, it will be interesting to see if Apple sticks to this patent and uses it in any of its upcoming iPhones.

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