Smartphone Without SIM Card: Possible In Near Future

Looks a bit weird to hear that there can exist a Smartphone without SIM card. Without the presence of at least one – even a standard SIM card – it is impossible to use even the costliest of phones, right?

Smartphone Without SIM Card

What we always know that without the heart a person cannot survive, no matter how powerful or healthy he is. The same goes for a Smartphone too. How can there be a Smartphone without a SIM card? But don’t feel surprised if you hold one such phone in your hands in the near future. After all, everything’s possible in today’s techno world.

Who’s Behind This Change?

The two of the biggest players in the world of technology have joined hands for the project and they are Apple and Samsung. They might have taken legal action against each other on innumerable occasions, but when it comes to having a Smartphone without SIM card, they are one.

These two mega giants have already begun work regarding the ambitious project. The cost of the project still remains unknown.

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What’s This Upcoming Change?

To have a Smartphone without SIM card is be possible. So, instead of having the traditional SIM card, the companies are thinking of having an electronic SIM card. This will ease the change of service provider for the users as it will be totally hassle free.

Though there is the portability option to change the service provider, with the help of e-SIM card, the change in service provider will still become a lot easier. Actually, it is likely that there will be an interface for such an option in the handsets itself.

The Apple SIM card is more likely to show up even before the e-SIM. Actually, it will not be before 2016 for the e-SIM to be used in mobiles and Apple SIM cards will be used in iPhone before that.

The Impact of New Technology

With the presence of e-SIM cards, the concept of Smartphone without SIM card will materialize. However, even if technology evolves for the better, there are reasons why not everybody will welcome the change.

Companies like AT&T, Orange and Vodafone aren’t too excited with the development of Smartphone without SIM card. However, Apple is of the view that small companies will benefit from the new technology.

Speaking about Apple SIM cards, if AT&T is opposing the same, T-Mobile is eagerly awaiting the new Apple cards. With this divided trend in the market, it is difficult now to predict the future of Smartphone without SIM card.

Types of SIM cards

All types of gadgets like mobile phones of the yesteryears or today’s Smartphones carry SIM cards. There are three types of such cards that bring the device to life.


The standard SIM cards are (were) used in the first generation of mobile phones. The mobiles with black and white display used to carry such cards. And they were found even in other devices with color display.


The Micro SIM card is the improved version of the standard SIM. It is tad miniature in size and the use of the type of card increased gradually. Most of the Smartphones today have micro SIM cards.


As the name suggests, this is the smallest size of SIM cards, now widely used in many of the latest Smartphones. It also exists in many other gadgets than just Smartphones.


If companies like Apple and Samsung push for Smartphone without SIM card and the technology is accepted in the mainstream, we will surely see many other companies follow suit. But one thing is certain, Apple will have lion’s share in the new era of Smartphones where there is still no option to SIM cards.

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    1. I agree. Initially, it may look as a disruption. But then once we get used to it, that will be fine. I remember the days when there were news reports questioning how people will keep in mind a 10-digit mobile number. But now, we are used to it, isn’t it 🙂


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