Is There Any Solution to Irritating Passwords?

With the increase of devices like Smartphones and easy to carry devices, where it is easy to access internet, passwords have become one of the most irritating things around. One person may have accounts with innumerable sites and many of them ask to have passwords that are unique.

Moreover, many sites do ask to have passwords with combinations like upper and lower case coupled with digits. So, it becomes terribly irritating to remember the passwords. There are different passwords for different accounts. So, naturally the number of passwords increases.

On an average, there are at least 10 passwords people do use these days. So, it is very difficult managing these passwords. One has to write them down so that he/she does not forget it as it is difficult memorizing all of them. Or, one has to request a new one in case of forgetting the old password or for any such reason.

Though there are apps for managing the passwords that does not seem to be the eternal solution. But how about your passwords getting hacked, no matter how careful you are with them? Hackers can still lay their hands on them en masse from the email services, retailers or banks.

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Even with such dangerous internet atmosphere around, people still resort to the ‘good’ old way of having passwords with something like “123456” and the more common being “password”. There are still passwords where people do make the use of their names, etc. All these things make the password pretty vulnerable.

Winfrasoft from the United Kingdom has come up with an option, which is based on a four-color grid that comes with numbers as generally seen in Sudoku puzzles. A user can choose from a pattern from this grid, which keeps changing. The changes keep taking place every minute, so it gets far too harder to hack such accounts.

There have been talks of using the body parts as passwords. Of this, Apple had made use of fingerprint reader in their iPhone’s latest variant – in the iPhone 5S, to increase security. Even HTC had used the fingerprint scanning technology in the One Max phablet.

However, a group of hackers from Europe has come up with a contention that even the fingerprint reading technology can be compromised with the use of fake latex fingerprints.

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