Sony is developing the Xperia Z Nexus

Following other companies like Samsung and HTC, it is now the turn of Sony is developing the Xperia Z Nexus variant – the high-end Smartphone – the Sony Xperia Z Nexus.

The Smartphone will be running the stock Android. It will also be available on the Google Play stores for sales.

This Nexus version of the Xperia Z will not include the software customizations from
However, similar hardware specifications can be noticed.
The release date of the Xperia Z Nexus that may be priced at $599 is still unknown. This Smartphone is likely to be announced any time in the month of July.

The operating system for the Sony gadget of the Google Edition could be Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

As mentioned above Samsung and HTC One have already announced their versions of the Nexus.

Samsung had announced their Galaxy S4 Nexus during the Google I/O, while HTC One had unveiled their device at the D11 conference.

The Nexus gadgets of both companies will be going on sale on June 26.

The 16GB memory variant from Samsung is likely to cost $649 in the United States. While the HTC One device will be priced at $599.

Selling top-of-the-line Smartphones from major players with stock Android definitely seems to be a new strategy to get more of the market share.

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